Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Figure...

March 15, 2011

So, Chunk is attached to the wagon.
She particularly loves it when she can drag it into the house and slam it into every available obstacle in her way and even into everything that's not in her way - because she just isn't too graceful.
She loves dragging the wagon around the house so much that I came up with the brilliant idea of finding her another smaller wagon, for inside the house. 
I researched and researched for just the right wagon.
It had to be made in the USA, have virtually perfect user ratings and be small enough for the inside of the house, but big enough for the collection of items that Chunk was bound to throw into it.
I found it.
I ordered it for in store pick-up.
We brought it home.
We took it out of the box.
Chunk was not impressed.
It has been collecting dust in the upstairs hallway for the last several weeks.

While I was cleaning the kitchen, Chunk wanted me to open the door so that she could retrieve her wagon.
Of course I opened the door for her - because she's rotten....
and that grimy little face just has a way of melting my heart.