Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preparing for Dinner

I think it was the motion of the boat that made Addie have no desire to be up and walking around. 
She demanded to be in her stroller as much as possible. 
She was content and calm snuggled in her stroller and any time she wasn't in her stroller, she would try to put herself in and then would tell me, "walk". 
 As long as I was walking around the boat, pushing her in her stroller, she was a happy Little Monkey.
(That is the best, cheap little fold up stroller I have ever seen!  I got my money's worth a hundred times over!)

She enjoyed the view from the glass elevators.

E. R. Baby made the trip too!!!
E.R. Baby was already properly dressed for dinner and didn't require an outfit change.

Once we got to dinner, I told Monkey that I wanted to take a picture of her Baby.
She handed Baby over to Chris and then held Baby's hand while she had her picture taken.
All the while, she told the Baby, "Shhh, it's okay Baby!".