Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Arctic Waters

It's November.
We expected it.
The water in the big pool on the very, very top of the boat was freezing.
We suffered through until the smaller, heated, pool was vacated.
Honestly, the temperature of the water didn't matter, the kids were having a great time!

Blowing kisses to her Daddy!

Having so much fun!

I will admit that standing on the balcony and knowing that the sea depth was over 4000 feet made me a little queasy.  
According to my husband, I need to stop reading CNN.

After our swim (in the pools), the men folk headed out, while Addie and I went to explore.
We stumbled upon a "Build a Bear" in progress and a stash of Baby Doll Clothes that absolutely made Addie's night!
Our first encounter was rather conservative, I helped the Little Monkey choose three new outfits for her Baby.
After making our purchases, we found a window seat and helped Baby change into something a little more appropriate.

The Little Monkey was such a proud Little Mommy!

Calm seas.
Thank you for your prayers!