Sunday, November 25, 2012

It Started Back in April

...or really, well before April, but was finalized in April.

~Heading back in time for just a moment~~~  
When I was growing up, my parents made a point of taking us on two week vacations each summer.  
My parents took us to Canada, New York, California, seemed like they took us everywhere, which means that I only have one state left to cross off my list before I have visited all 50 States.
While we were spending summers at The Grand Canyon, Disney Land and the mountains, all my friends would spend their summers at Gulf Shores or a beach somewhere in Alabama or Florida.
There were times when I was a tad jealous because I seriously thought I was missing out on something least, that is how it sounded.
It wasn't until 2005 that I visited Gulf Shores for the first time.
It made me appreciate all the long car rides we went on as kids even more than I already did.

So, it's not like we never traveled past the borders of the Mississippi or anything.
My siblings and I have had varying opportunities for intercontinental travel, and travel beyond the contiguous 48 States, some more than others, but the one thing 
that my Mom hadn't gotten around to doing was going on a cruise.
We started talking about a cruise to Alaska.
Then Mom got sicker.
Alaska wasn't so much of an immediate option, so Plan B to cross off a bucket list request for my Mom was put into place.
Back in April when Mom was sedated and pretty darn sick, while we were sitting at her bedside, we pulled up cruise lines in close proximity to us 
my brother took it from there.

He wasted no time getting everything scheduled
and we just kept hoping that Mom would be well enough to make it to the cruise.

We were all just beside ourselves with relief and joy when Mom made it onto the ship - regardless of her non-compliance with picture taking.

Mom can add a little check mark beside one more thing on her proverbial bucket list and we can rest easier knowing that she enjoyed the experience.

I have some less than thrilling pictures coming soon - but you all know me - I can take a boring picture and turn it into a novel that will make you want to throw your computer out a four story window.