Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Day

Back on Pumpkin Carving Day, Julien and Addie took over my kitchen.
Our quiet morning was spent dissecting pumpkin after pumpkin
cleaning and re-cleaning the mess.

Fungus Monkus was thrilled to be such a Big Girl Helper.

Even Big Girl Helpers have to stay a few steps away during the procedures.
It is strictly for her safety and for the safety of those around her.
When the surgical tools were not in use, the Monkus was happy to sit next to Julien and color, and watch him work.

Julien is an amazing help to me.
Just his presence in the same room with Addie keeps her happy and content.

Julien was all about getting the pumpkins finished and back out onto the porch before our evening of fun at the zoo began.
When Julien finished carving the pumpkins, Addie ran after him, back and forth to the porch.
She was so excited!
When I handed her the candles to carry onto the porch, she was absolutely thrilled!
Being a helper makes her feel so special!

October 28, 2012