Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lee's 6th Birthday Party!

Addie was so honored to be invited to Lee's 6th Birthday Party!
 It was so neat because Lee's party was at Boo at the Zoo!!!

Most of you who have been around the blog for a while, will remember Lee's 3rd Birthday Party!
Those firetruck photos are some of my all time favorites!

When we arrived at the zoo, Addie was a little nervous, but Lee was excited to see Addie!

Julien came along with us for this party, which made Addie very happy!

The kids were so funny, they were all about the gory and gross decorations.

Addie didn't appear to seem bothered by the severed head Lee was posing with,

but when I tried to get her to play with her friends on the scooters, it was a big no-go.

When we moved onto the dance room, Addie was itching to get in!
My little Monkey has some crazy dance moves and can't contain herself when she hears a good beat!