Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween Night

Oooohhh, this Little Piggy was very protective of her little pumpkin. 
She wasn't overly thrilled that I held it in my hand for the picture, hence the fussy little face.

I finally gave in and handed the pumpkin back to her and she proceeded to put it in a death grip

and refused to look at the camera.

I managed to convince her to bring the pumpkin into the kitchen so we could get ready for the party.
The Little Piggy was more than willing to help me get everything ready.
She is such a good little helper!

Once everyone arrived, we were able to try for another picture - minus the Evil Jester who was already out in the neighborhood.

Addie was a little anxious while waiting for the trick or treaters, but yet, she was excited about watching all the activity outside.
She was even more excited about passing out the candy!

She is such a sweet girl!
(Except when she is in the midst of a tantrum in the hallway of a very busy pediatricians office...yep, story still to come.  I'm still traumatized.)