Thursday, November 08, 2012

It All Makes Perfect Sense

Addie doesn't seem to mind playing with severed limbs, rats and bowls of brains, but when we step one foot into a dentist's office, she hits complete and total meltdown.

Today has been six months since our last fun-filled visit to our local dentist office.

It was very traumatic for me and Chris...and apparently for Addie as well.
From the moment we arrived, she shook like crazy.
When the door opened for us to walk back, the tears began and never stopped until Addie was telling everyone bye and we were leaving.

It's an awfully painful experience for us.
The really sad part is that although Addie cries and is so very afraid, she is compliant and does a great job of letting them clean and examine her teeth.

I seriously cannot imagine there being a more compassionate pediatric dentist than Dr. Thomas
He is beyond amazing.
He was so sweet to Addie and talked to her throughout the exam
he made a point of reassuring us that Addie's behavior was more than understandable.

Dr. Thomas has a gift and I am more than blessed to have him take care of Addie.

My sweet - and very scared - Baby Girl left with a sticker, a ball, a balloon and her favorite...a new toothbrush!
Her teeth look beautiful and we are free from further dental torture for six more months.

I'm exhausted...