Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday Julien!

At 9:23 tonight, Julien will officially turn 14.


His 1st Birthday seems so much closer in my memories.

As does so many other memories...

His first haircut.

His first surgery.

His love of the zoo.

His first Alabama snow.

His first soccer team.

Our endless trips to Oak Mountain.

His first trip to Disney World.

Seeing his excitement over the prospect of being a big brother - his 8th Birthday!

His 9th Birthday!

His 10th Birthday!

Julien - celebrating his 11th Birthday!

and then, I can't figure out how we got from 12

to 13

and all the way to 14 so fast.

Due to our hectic week, with us just arriving home from vacation and Julien going away for the weekend, we haven't made official birthday plans yet.

We have already had THE birthday cake, so the party is yet to come.

I am blessed to have Julien.
He is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful that I was chosen to be his mother!
...and I am so thankful that God chose Julien to be Addie's brother.
No one else could love Addie as much as Julien does.

Happy 14th Birthday Julien!


jennohara said...

Happy Birthday Julien!! He was seriously, THE cutest chubby baby!!!!

Nicole said...

Happy (late) Birthday Julien!!!