Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boosterthon Fun Run!

My Sweet Baby Girl.
It's so sad to not know what frightens Addie.
All I do know is that when something is new or different, it takes Addie a while to acclimate.
In the interim is pure misery.

What should have been a rockin' good time, started as all tears!
Mrs. Anita carried Addie through the tunnel to the start of the Fun Run - it looked like it should have been so much fun.

Addie rotated between Mrs. Anita and Mrs. Allison.

A beautiful sight to behold.

Addie just adored the "Boosterthon Guys" and in an effort to get the tears under control, Mrs. Anita called in the troops!

Tears and more tears.

Once Addie was armed with her weapon, the tears subsided.

By the end, Addie was walking and enjoying the music!

I was in awe at Mrs. Anita and Mrs. Allison's ability to try and try again,
never giving in to Addie's anxiety,
pushing her to do well.
They are amazing - our answered prayers.

November 1, 2012