Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Happy Cake Day Julien!

After seeing Addie's beautiful cake back in March, Julien decided that he too, needed an awesome cake for his birthday. 
The only thing is that my poor child was born at Thanksgiving time and coordinating anything around that time of year is a hot mess.
We improvise.

Although we still have a couple weeks before his birthday, I arranged to have his cake early in order to make sure that he got the cake he wanted.

For our Halloween gathering, we also enjoyed Juliens amazing birthday cake!
Thanks - once again - to Hope at Hope's Sweet Cakes for making my children very, very happy!

I can't thank Hope enough for working with me to make Julien's cake everything he wanted it to be!
She is patient and sweet and just amazing!

When Julien saw the cake, I got the reaction I was so wishing for!
(off camera of course)

The cake was being very closely guarded by a Pig Monkey and her highly endangered pumpkin.

Check out the AMAZING detail on this cake!
I was absolutely impressed!