Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I received the picture and email below from the Little Monkey's teacher today.
I am so proud of my Little Monkey!

Okay, so, you saw the adorable picture of Addie walking down the hall to share her writing with her class- PRECIOUS!
She walked straight into the classroom and sat on the rug to share- no prompting!

Mrs. Morris told the class as a whole, “if you are sharing today, put your journal behind your back.” - Addie did it with no prompt!

Then Mrs. Morris said, “Addie are you ready to share?”  She said yes, stood up, handed her journal to Mrs. Morris and climbed onto the stool in front of the Smartboard – all with NO prompting and no assistance!

She read her journal entry, “I like to swim.” She turned around and asked, “What did you hear?”- no prompting!!

She said, “more about” (what would you like to know more about?) and called on friends- no prompting!

She said thank you to their responses with again, no prompting.

THEN…when someone asked her, “Do you like to swim in the water?”  She said, “Yes, POOL, thank you!”-no prompt!

Then to top it all off…the icing on the cake…she stepped down off the stool in front of the Smartboard independently!!! She didn’t ask for help…she didn’t want help!   It took her a couple seconds to get up the courage but SHE DID IT!!!! 

We were all about to cry!  Sooooo proud of her and how persistent she is!


Shellie said...

That story just made my day! Way to go Addie!!!

Jake and Emmie said...

Love this! It brought tears to my eyes! Awesome job sweet Addie!!!