Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I wanted a beautiful birthday cake for Addie and the one that I bought for her on her birthday just wasn't what I had in mind.

what I had in mind!

I ran across this blog for Hope's Sweet Cakes and immediately fell in love!
My first initial contact with Hope was a no-go because she was booked - solid, but thanks to a last minute cancellation, she was able to do Addie's cake for me.

I sat down with Addie at the computer and pulled up pictures of ducks, monkeys, horses and Hello Kitty.
She picked Hello Kitty out of the line up and I wanted to add the other kitty, dogs and duck.
All I had to do was tell Hope what I thought Addie would like and Hope's creative imagination did the rest!
I was more than impressed!
The cake couldn't have been more perfect for Addie.
Not only was it beautiful, but it was incredibly delicious as well!

If you are interested in contacting Hope, her contact information is on her blog - 

My camera was less than cooperative, I couldn't get one single picture at the party that I thought was really good, so I apologize for the picture clarity.

Let me just say, when I first contacted Hope, I was inquiring about a Monkey cake.
In fact, I was set on a Monkey cake...until I had a moment of clarity and realized that slicing into a little Monkey might be slightly traumatizing to my little Monkey, so to Plan B I went.
Check out the Monkey cake on Hope's Sweet Cakes Blog!
Imagine this little Monkey with a little bow in her hair, it would have been too cute!


Katie said...

Jennifer!!!! Thank you for telling us about your cake. I have been looking for a special cake and you sent me to the perfect place!

Addie's cake was perfect. So sweet for such a sweet girl!

Kat said...

That is the cutest Hello Kitty cake I've ever seen! Love it!!

Aunt Cissy said...

Yes that cake was awesome. Gabi and I enjoyed it.