Friday, March 02, 2012

Not One of My Finer Decisions in Life

Chris and I made the beautiful decision to stop at a local store on the way home from the Zoo last Sunday.
It's a store that you really would have no desire to take your child into.
I just wanted to look - quickly - so we stopped and started looking around.
Not but a minute after we walked in, Addie spotted a lady nearby.
Addie noticed that she had her keys in her hand and apparently something on the key ring caught her eye, because Addie kept saying, "Momma!", "Monkey?".
It took me a minute to realize what she was looking at and when I finally honed in, I told Addie that it was not a Monkey, it was a Doggy.
Addie insisted on getting closer and walked right up to this poor, unsuspecting lady and proceeded to stare at her keys.
The lady was nice and showed Addie the little Dog and I apologized and redirected Addie's attention.
That lasted all of about 30 seconds until Addie spotted her again.
This went on two more times before I decided we were, "All Done!"!
On our way out of the store, Addie stopped again to invade the personal space of this lady in an effort to get a look at the Doggy.
I was apologizing profusely.
The lady told Addie that the Doggy was a Pez dispenser (because she collects them) and...proceeded to take the Doggy off her key ring and give it to Addie!
All the while against my efforts to tell the lady that it was not really necessary.

I don't know if it was a Random Act of Kindness (thanks Oprah) or an effort to get my nutty child away from her.
Whichever it was, it allowed me to leave the store in peace.

So now, my child is walking around with a Doggy Pez dispenser that she basically stole from a complete stranger.

Not one of my finer moments in life.