Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Either One of Two Things

To say that Addie was tired was a huge understatement.
She was exhausted, but yet we still had to go see the construction equipment.

Addie felt like she didn't really need to sit in her stroller and decided that pushing E.R. Baby around was a much more beneficial way to spend her time.
Daylight was fading quickly, so we were trying to hurry things along and when we tried to put Addie into her stroller, she hit meltdown.
She was PEEVED!

I knew her meltdown was coming from being overtired, so I was remaining rational and calm and allowed her to push her stroller a little further.

When she realized that she wasn't going to get her way, she started crying and did something that we have never seen before...

she turned and started walking back to the car!
She stopped when she was almost there, turned to me and said, "Come on" as she was waving her hand for me to start walking her way.
Since I was being slow about it, she tried to open the door herself.
Chris and I were stunned.
It took me a second to figure out what she was doing.
That rotten little Monkey tried to put herself back into the car!

We have a rule that if Addie is crying when we leave the car (because it happens for various invisible reasons from time to time), I will turn right back around and put her back into the car - which means that we wait on her meltdown to subside or we leave altogether.
I honestly never thought that Addie was making the connection.
The act of putting her back in the car was more for my sanity and well-being than for hers.

So, in the end, it is either one of two things.
Either, the little Monkey is way smarter than people give her credit for
She was mimicking me and thought she would save me the trouble and just put herself back into the car.

Honestly, Addie never ceases to amaze me.

I have to remind myself that although Addie may not be able to talk to me and tell me her wants and needs, that doesn't necessarily mean that she isn't soaking up everything that I say and do (which is incredibly frightening).

In that moment, I couldn't decide if I was irritated, amused or in awe.