Monday, March 26, 2012

Just The Perfect Balance

I'll begin this story by saying that when the pediatrician offered Addie the sticker basket last Saturday as a peace offering to get her out of his office, she politely reached past his outstretched hand holding some Disney Princess and picked out a sticker with a yellow dump truck instead.
I may have a Baby Girl who is all about babies, but she loves trains, trucks and all things construction as well!
Whew...she's my kind of girl!

We have been taking advantage of having an area of our little town covered in construction machinery as they work feverishly to build our new high school.

We take walks so that Addie can see the trucks and excavating equipment a little closer instead of just from the car in passing.
After Addie's party, we decided to take a few minutes and check the progress.

It's incredible to know that the area that used to contain wildlife and massive amounts of historical value, is now well into the phase of blasting solid layers of rock into smithereens.
For a five-year-old (and her Mommy) that's some pretty awesome stuff to behold.

Story, to be continued...