Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Cake!

When it was time for cake, I was asked if I wanted everyone to get in a circle.
I said, "yes", thinking that everyone would sit down and watch Addie blow out her candles.
Chris, Julien and I were busy trying to get the candles on the cake and we were not paying a bit of attention to anyone else.
When I had the cake and turned to start walking, I was left breathless when I saw that everyone was standing in a big circle and holding hands and then
everyone started to sing, "Happy Birthday".
It was a very emotional moment and I was very proud of myself for keeping my emotions in line.
I spotted Addie and focused on her sweet face... 
and all I saw was pure joy!
 She was amazingly thrilled - look at my sweet girl - she is so happy!!!!
...and levitating!
Once again, the picture quality is awful...
but we almost had a huge mishap when Addie leaned in to try to blow out the candles.  
She got way too close and luckily, I was able to move the cake out of the way before her little mouth got burned!
Whew, Addie keeps me on my toes! 
She was happier than I could have imagined!


jennohara said...

Oh my goodness, this made my night!!!
Im so glad she had such a special birthday. Great job mommy!
She has amazing friends, and great levitating ability, I must say!! :)