Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today was the first day in a really long time that we have had the opportunity to take a walk in the evenings.
When it has been a while since we have made the trek around our neighborhood, I love taking Addie and watching her to see if I can tell what she remembers from our previous trips.
I love seeing how she remembers which houses have dogs and cats and I love to see how she remembers the flags or statues at random houses.
Tonight she was talking like crazy.
She asked me more than once, "What's that?".
She got really excited when she saw the elephant on a flag (That's right - Roll Tide!!!!) and got really excited when she spotted the big crimson "A" on another!
We were talking and I was pointing out anything I could see when I told Addie that I saw a car and a truck and a van and then I asked her what else we saw and she immediately responded by saying, "Flowers!".
How right she was!
I am seeing a spike in her vocabulary this week, nothing overly dramatic, but a definite step forward.
My little Monkey makes me so proud!