Saturday, March 17, 2012


Julien, Addie and I had to go by the pharmacy today to drop off a prescription.
While waiting at the drive-thru, I heard Addie say, "Rudy?"....and it took me a minute to make the connection.
Addie was with us when we dropped off the prescription at Walgreens for Rudy a few weeks back.
It was a huge deal because we had to set up a new account for Rudy the Feline and apparently, Addie remembered!
She remembered that we went to the pharmacy to drop off a prescription for Rudy, so when she saw me put the paper in the drawer this time, she immediately thought of Rudy!
I was stunned...and so was Julien!
I am absolutely amazed that she remembered!
WOW, being a part of an everyday miracle is a pretty amazing gift!