Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Last of the Repeat Labs

I took Addie for the last of her repeat labs (and one vaccine) this morning.
Just like before, we talked about "the doctor" and "boo-boo shots" and when we pulled into the parking lot, Addie asked me, "doctor?".
She was being so brave.
While sitting in the waiting room, Addie sat on my lap and was so quiet, but she was shaking - out of pure fear.  
When we were called back to a room, it was the same thing.
When the nurse walked in and started to put on her gloves, Addie began to cry.
When we were "all done", Addie got three stickers and then I promptly took her to Target to get a new box of boo-boo band-aids.
Addie is always so sweet and says, "bye" to the nurses and receptionists when we leave.
This evening, Addie is running a low-grade fever and complaining way more about her leg than I really would like...not to mention she has acquired an annoying cough.
We haven't slept for three nights and I have a feeling tonight is not going to be any better.
Keep your fingers crossed that she is better by Friday night, we have a very important event taking place Saturday!