Sunday, March 04, 2012

Statistically Speaking

We are right on target.
According to a group of people who get paid to analyze data - home accidents represent the biggest percentage of accidents.
Addie got three new boo-boo's today in and around our home.
Boo-boo's in order of appearance:
1.  She slammed her fingers in the back door.  There were lots of tears involved!
2.  She fell while trying to walk on the brick pathway out back, all thanks to her lack of spacial awareness.  That resulted in two boo-boo knees and more tears.
3.  The bottle of body wash slipped out of Chris' hand and right onto Addie's head, resulting in a little boo-boo above her right eye.  No tears.
I put her to bed earlier than usual.
I felt it was only in her best interest - in an effort to avoid any further accidents.

On top of that, she just wasn't herself today.
She seemed extra clingy, extra clumsy, with not much of an appetite.
She can't be getting sick...