Monday, March 26, 2012

That's What I Call A Bargain

Last Saturday, after our trip to see the local pediatrician, we did what any good, community health-conscience parents would do - we took our snot harboring infectious Monkey to one of the busiest Chick-fil-A's around.
Try not to think of it as us spreading communicable disease, but rather, us doing our part to boost the local economy.
We not only bought local and contributed to the City Tax for Hoover, but we also potentially increased business for other local pediatricians, family practitioners and pharmacies.
It's the very least we could do.
Honestly, what it all came down to was the fact that we had a hungry, miserable little Monkey who had missed out on lots of Mommy snuggle time and tossing her a breakfast burrito while strapped into her car seat was not what I had in mind.
After ordering, I strategically found a booth right smack in the middle of booths at the window overlooking the drive thru line. 
Anyone who is familiar with the Hoover Chick-fil-A well knows they are busy and the potential for having to sit in the line for more than 3 seconds is highly likely.
That presented us with an hour long opportunity of a bargain of a deal!
For under $10.00, we spent the better part of an hour watching each car, truck and van as they pulled into line.
Addie couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a puppy sitting on the lap of one driver and that's all it took.
We sat and - much to the delight of many drivers who had yet to receive their coffee - watched the cars and the people inside, all in an effort to find the cars that had the puppies inside!
Sure we made a few drivers feel uncomfortable, but it was all to benefit my child.
It was quite the educational moment as we counted people, talked about the color of the cars and learned the difference between small and large - puppy dogs.
So, thank you to the citizens of Hoover and the patrons of Chick-fil-A for making what started as a miserable morning into a very special bonding and educational moment for our little family.


csmith said...

I love your sweet stories! They make me smile! :-)