Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random Updates

I haven't given a Mom update recently...
out of fear of jinxing everything good and right.

Mom is doing so much better - not perfect - but better!
Her color is good and she seems to be feeling better and I am so thankful for the team of doctors who were willing to listen to her and do everything within their power to help her!


My sister and niece are spending eight days in Italy and I told her before she left not to come back without bringing me a souvenir...and it better not be some stupid post card either.

Their plane touches down just a few hours before my sister embarks upon a fun-filled favor for me.
She will have zero time to rest.
I call it payback for international luxury vacations while I stay at home deciding which tourist trap I get to visit this year.


I have something coming up next week that has me incredibly stressed.
It's nothing bad, but an enormous amount of stress for me, a definite weak point for me.
I know that it is one of those things that I will look back on and wonder why I worried so much...but that isn't helping me right now.


...and if that wasn't enough, I'm trying to figure out where on earth to go on vacation this year.  We have a total of three weeks to choose from thanks to Julien's busy social calendar...  having a little Monkey that doesn't travel well really limits my willingness to go too far from home.
I wish there was a place not too far from home, where we could just go and be there and not have to drive from place to place.  Somewhere that my children and husband would enjoy, where I had time to sit and relax with an adult beverage in hand, and it not require me to worry every waking second AND it didn't require me to clean anything.
If that place exists, could someone please let me know?