Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Love Hand Me Downs!

I have had several people ask about Rudy.
I have intentionally not posted about him, because it has been kind of rough with him and his health and his manners in progress.

As of the moment that I type these words, he is doing really, really well!
He loves Addie and the rest of us too, and he is incredibly tolerant of all the love Addie has to offer.

When we were at my Mom's recently, Addie was looking through Carli's clothes in an effort to find her just the perfect outfit to wear, when she ran across this shirt.
Mom told Addie that the shirt was too small for Carli and I immediately didn't hesitate to ask Mom if she would pass it down to our kitties.
I love hand me downs and knew that Rudy would like it too, except that I temporarily forgot that Rudy...was not a girl.

Rudy doesn't seem to mind his pink Ms. Pac-Man shirt and Addie has me put it on him every chance we get.

In case you were wondering if he was putting on any weight...
I clearly cannot feel his hipbones any longer!
Addie's healing touch has given Rudy a new chance at life!