Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Outpatient Labs

So, after procrastinating for a week, I finally took Addie today for the first of three repeat labs.
It has been an incredibly insane kind of day and by the time I signed Addie in for her labs and Chris and I sat down in the waiting room chairs, I started to get a little nervous.
I think it was a combination of the headache that just wouldn't go away, the craziness of the day and the fact that I knew Addie was nervous.
I started telling her yesterday that she was going to the doctor to get a boo-boo shot.
I didn't know how else to make sure that she understood...
I reminded her this morning when I dropped her off at school and we talked about it on the way out to the car when I picked her up.
When the nurse called her name, she started walking towards the door with her baby clutched tight to her chest and when she saw the other patients, she started to panic.
I took her into the room and did my best to reassure her.
Thank God in heaven that we had an amazing nurse, because she was sweet enough to talk to Addie.
When the nurse started to put her gloves on, Addie started to cry, never letting go of her baby.
Addie cried and started saying, "Mommy?", "Daddy?" and then she started crying even harder and ask for...Julien.
It was pretty pitiful.
The nurse - was amazing - and only had to stick Addie once and she was so incredibly sweet to her.
She let Addie pick out her boo-boo band-aid and another sweet nurse brought in a basket of stickers for Addie to choose from.
...and then, Addie thanked them...
and I can't say enough about the nurse, she told Addie that she did such a great job, she walked us back to the door, all the while giving encouragement to Addie.
It was such a nice relief to have a nurse be so sincerely compassionate.

Now we'll see if I can manage to keep our next appointment on Monday.


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

I'm so glad that's behind her (you). Now if we could get a good report this time around.