Monday, February 27, 2012

Post-Op Follow-Up

We saw Dr. Davis today for Addie's two week follow-up.
Her right ear looks great.
Her left ear has made improvement but is still not healed - according to Dr. Davis, "it's not as angry looking as it was...".
We go back in six weeks unless we need him before that.

Addie "talked" the entire time we were there!
From the time we walked through the door until we left, she had something to say about everything.
I'm pretty sure everybody within a five mile radius heard her because she has yet to find her inside voice.

We had a lot of time to waste while waiting for our turn to see the doctor.
At one point Addie had my phone and when I took it back from her, there was an error message that stated:
 "This message failed to be sent.  Your IT administrator has blocked this content."
....there is no telling what degree of embarrassment that firewall managed to save me from.

While we were waiting...

She sat in the big girl chair all by herself and admired her pretty bracelet from Jamaica that Dewana gave to her.  

Some words, like "hi" and of course, "Momma", she can say perfectly!
She wanted my phone back and was trying to get down, which meant she was about to trip over the foot much for a good video showing off her sweet little voice!
(you can pause the music over to the right)