Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rio Movie Night

Trenton's Birthday Party was centered around Rio on the big screen.
After opening presents, the movie began.
Addie loved watching everyone
and she kept a very close eye on the cake.
She must have asked me 100 times on the way to the party, if there would be "Cake?".
I told her that if for some odd reason, Trenton didn't have a cake, we would stop at Publix on the way home and get her a piece of cake.
Thank goodness, Dewana and Ronnie saved us a trip to Publix!
One of the party favors was a parrot kite!
How cool is that!?
Now, we just have to wait for a windy day to try it out.
The little ones all had animal hats...
and there was even a Monkey for my little Monkey.
Ronnie made cotton candy.
Addie sat next to me and alternated between her popcorn, cotton candy and cake and ice cream.
I was certain she would never sleep again!
After the movie, it was time to say our goodbye's.
Sweet lovin's
and several "Thank you's" later, we were on our way back home.
Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Trenton!


WicketsMom said...

Don't get your hopes up that the kite will fly well. We bought a very similar one from Sam's and while it looks awesome, it would not fly at all. :(