Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bergen's 5th Birthday Party!

I know that Bergen has a big fan club out there and I know you all love seeing new pictures of her.
We were honored to attend Bergen's 5th Birthday Party this past Saturday.
She had an absolute blast!
(For those of you new to the blog, Bergen and Addie (and Trenton) have been together since they were only a few weeks old)

Born to be a star!
Let me just tell you now, I tried to get Addie a pair of these leggings, but they were already sold out.
I will admit it - although I am not a frilly type of girl, I was all about these sequined leggings!
Sweet Bergen's Birthday Cake!

Addie stayed glued to me until she heard that golden word - "cake".
All of a sudden, she somehow remembered how to sit in a circle and wait patiently.
It was a total transformation.
I love it!