Monday, February 20, 2012


It's President's Day, so I gave my housekeeper and Nanny the day off.
It's late in the evening, my house is a wreck and I can't even begin to think about bed until I'm finished with one more load of clothes.
It's not a full moon, but it might as well be.
I'm going to forgo the lovely details that I usually take the time to type and give you my high-class version of the story.

Addie's lab work (that was drawn during her surgery), came back all jacked up.
That means that it all has to be repeated.
I mean really - Crap!

Dr. Dudgeon - whom I have intentionally failed to mention lately because it seems like every time I mention him, he somehow manages to have fewer and fewer available appointments - which is great for him...and all of you, but not for me...and I'm an awfully selfish person sometimes - called to deliver the fabulous news this afternoon.

Why can't I ever get a call from Ed McMahon or Whidbey Island Travel Bureau or someone who is giving me an obnoxious amount of money or a fabulous free trip somewhere - with no strings attached?

My sweet Baby Girl is just fine - I'm not doubting for a second that the labs are just jacked up and a repeat will erase any concerns.
It's just scheduling and getting through the process all over again that I'm not looking forward to.

I'm just so thankful for this life we have, even with the little curve balls thrown our way.
...and I'm thankful for a pediatrician that has been with us each step of the way...