Saturday, February 04, 2012


I might actually really like Mom's new Cardiologist.
When he stopped by to see Mom yesterday before she left the hospital, he asked her to have me call him.
When I called him, he called me back within minutes.
All he really wanted was to reiterate what he already told Mom and what the surgeon had already told us all.
Mom's surgery went very, very well and the surgeon was able to open some, "very darn tight spots".
He said that it wasn't any ordinary surgery - which means to me that it took extra effort that no one else was willing to put forth.
I was incredibly impressed that he took time to talk with me and although my Mother's other Cardiologists did as well, it was all about the tone of the conversation.
We might very well be in the right hands.
When we saw Mom last night, she looked like a new person!
Her color was good and she was in great spirits!


jennohara said...

WONDERFUL news!! It makes all the difference when you like the doctor, doesnt it? So glad you finally found someone great.