Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Surgery Day - Number Five

It was different this time.
We were literally the first ones through the door at 5:30.
It was quiet.
There were not tons of doctors and nurses walking around with hats, gloves and masks on.
Our wait was extremely brief before being called back to the room.
I talked to Addie, telling her what was happening each step of the way and I made sure to keep the mood as light as possible.
Addie didn't get upset, but in an effort to keep her from getting too stressed, I went ahead and asked for Versed.
She took the medicine from the nurse this time and sat quietly while we talked to each new person that walked into the room.

She was all snuggled with me in a warm blanket.
We took a few minutes to try the hat on E.R. Baby
E.R. Baby was an amazing patient too!
Addie remained calm until the anesthesiologist came to get her and when I went to put her in his arms, she started to cry.
It's never easy to smile while reassuring her in situations like this, but I knew that within minutes, she would be fast asleep.
Addie got an IV this time because her pediatrician ordered labs and also because the plan was to administer as much fluids as possible before we left. 

On the way into recovery, the nurse told us that Addie was adamant that she wanted her "Momma".
She said that Addie held out her hands to every person that
 walked through the door  and was crying for me.

I know she was so confused and scared!
Addie did well, but was agitated and seemed really bothered by the IV.
I had warned the anesthesiologist and nurses about the possibility of Addie getting sick from the anesthesia.
They proactively decided to forgo the narcotics and give Addie extra fluids and a shot of Zofran.
When I was getting Addie dressed, I told the nurse that I really thought Addie was going to be sick.
From the look on Addie's face, I could just tell.
The nurse reassured me that she was fine because of the Zofran and the fluids...and I clearly know nothing because I'm just a Mom...

I got Addie in her car seat and then sat next to her.
We pulled away and didn't even make it halfway across the parking lot before she started throwing up.
Once the first round was under control, I dialed Dr. Davis' office and within about 60 seconds, they had another Rx called in for Addie.


When I talked to Dr. Davis' nurse today, she reassured me that next time, I would have every Rx I could possibly need before we left.

Don't get me wrong, the entire staff was amazing and so sweet to us, but if I look you in the eyes and tell you that something is wrong with my daughter, don't second guess me and don't try to make my life any more complicated than it already is.

Also, I don't know at what point we will see an audiologist to check Addie's hearing.
Dr. Davis said that our follow up in two weeks would be way too soon to check.
There is a little part of me that is worried, but I know we are in good hands.

February 13, 2012


jennohara said...

She did so well! And you are the boss, Jenn! No one knows that sweet girl better than you.