Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Cryin' Shame

My best friend had to take her geriatric kitty to the groomers.
Poor kitty had some matted fur on her chest and was in need of a good trimming and brushing.

When my friend called to check on kitty, she was told by the well-informed tech that answered the phone that Girlfriend the Kitty was ready to go home.
The tech stated that Girlfriend did well, there was no need to sedate her and they didn't have to shave her.
All good news.
My best friends husband picked up Girlfriend, took her home and when he released her from her cage, this is what his wondering eyes beheld.
Apparently, the definition of "trim" and "shave" somehow got construed.
I now never have to wonder again what was hidden under all that fur...and Girlfriend appears to be thoroughly enjoying her new found nudity...

(You can pause the music over to the right)


little bit of almost heaven said...

Oh my goodness. We adopted a cat a few years ago from the humane society, she was gray and white and looked just like this, they had to shave her due to matted fur, fleas, etc. She was the sweetest cat, and when all that fur finally grew back, she was absolutely beautiful. Her name was Gracie Lou, and I loved that cat!!!!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

I LOVE that commercial!

Nicole said...

Oh my! You really should have warned your readers! I just sprayed iced tea all over my computer screen! Too funny!