Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Little More Progress

There hasn't been one specific area where we have seen progress with Addie's development lately.
I just go through each day so thankful for her and all that she can do.
Addie's Special Education Teacher (Laura) is amazing at giving me constant updates on any new little thing that Addie does (and Addie's therapists are amazing as well, we just have more contact with her teacher - you guys are so much appreciated too!).

Below is part of the email that I received today:

"I brought a paint sample for her to cut. This is a great thing to work on cutting. Get her to cut on the white line separating the colors. She needed help, but cut it . Then I showed her a picture of a cat. I said “Look it is Rudy”. She smiled. I took a purple crayon out and an orange crayon out. I said “Is Rudy orange or purple?” She took the orange crayon and started coloring. Yay! We then went outside. She got on the tire swing with Anna Lien and Olivia. I pushed them. When they started slowing down Addie looked at me and said “Push”. So of course I pushed. She saw a bird flying and yelled “bird”. I said “Is it flying?” She nodded. As you can tell we had a great day. She was very chatty today!"

There are several things that are pretty neat to us in our little world...Addie correctly identifying what color Rudy is, Addie spontaneously saying, "push" and my favorite of them all...Addie spontaneously saying, "bird!".
Addie's spontaneous vocabulary is not something that we hear very often.
She has several "key things" that she may say, but to hear something new is just amazing!

We have received great reports from Addie's therapists this week, so we know that she is working hard and being such a good girl for them!

Addie's ear infection has gotten progressively worse this week and I cannot wait for surgery to get here. I hate to see her suffer through this, although you probably wouldn't know it from her sweet little smiling face (come and stay with us and you can see what I'm talking about between the hours of 12-4 a.m.).
I'm just so relieved to have amazing teachers and therapists caring for Addie each day.
You all make my days so much easier!