Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Tough Recovery Made Better

Last summer, I made a corner of Addie's room into her "reading"/quiet area.
I put x-large cutouts of the characters from Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? along the wall, a large mirror, and a memory foam mattress covered in her favorite sheets and covered in her favorite pillows.
When I'm putting away clothes in her room, she loves to sit in her corner and read and look at all the characters.
So, on the way home from the hospital, I asked Chris if he would bring down the mattress and bedding from her reading area and put it in the living room to make her more comfortable and so that I could keep a close watch on her.
Once I got her changed and cleaned up, she didn't hesitate to crawl onto her "napper" and close her eyes.
She would have been a lot happier had:
 1. She not been throwing up every few minutes.
2. Had I not snapped a picture of her just as she was starting to fall back to sleep.
Since Monday, that has been her go to place.
I think she is still tired from the surgery and she has spent a lot of time resting.

Although she can't tell us, I think bringing down her napper made her feel really special.
When Julien got home from school, he immediately crawled in next to Addie (despite my request for him to change out of his nasty, germ infested school clothes first).
He can be really sweet when he wants to be. 
Addie has been really chatty since last night!
Laura (special education teacher) emailed me today to let me know that Addie was really chatty and when we got home tonight, Addie "talked" non-stop until she finally fell asleep!
I think she can hear - without everything sounding muffled - and she is loving the sound of her own voice!
That is definite progress!!!


jennohara said...

I'm thinking I need a corner like that in my room.

Sweet girl.