Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Little Fungus Monkus/Pre-Op

What are we on now, surgery number five and the eighth time I've had to have the little Monkey put to sleep...?
Sounds about right.

I knew it was coming and before our favorite ENT in the world could even finish giving me his spiel, I was nodding in agreement.

Addie is scheduled for surgery for her fourth set of tubes.
Poor Baby has yet another terrible ear infection.
She is never able to clear these infections without massive amounts of antibiotics and when she doesn't have tubes in, there is no clearing the infections at all.

This time, our ENT is going to try a different kind of tube - assuming they will fit.
If they are too big, we will resort back to the standard, itsy bitsy tubes and wait it out until surgery number six comes around.

We scheduled the first available day and it can't get here soon enough.