Monday, September 13, 2010

That's better...

We were the home team!

I didn't get a whole lot of pictures at this game. Chris and I were splitting our attention between the field and fungus girl. Fungus girl tried her very best to flip head first over the row of bleachers in front of us, so we were more on edge than usual. Afraid that FG would lose her balance (and I was right), I kept my hand on her at all times, so I managed to catch her before any damage was done - other than causing every spectator to turn and look at all the commotion, mainly caused by the incredibly loud crash as FG's metal cup clattered onto the metal bleachers below.
#58 did a good job, even had his name announced for a tackle. We made it home in time to get fungus girl and #58 in bed before the stroke of midnight.
#58's knee is almost completely healed - fabulous!
Whereas, fungus girl was at home for the next two days as she was battling cooties...that she probably shared with each and every person we encountered at the aforementioned game.

Hey...I've told you before, we are great sharers. Whether you like it or not.