Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well, what can I say?
I am a sucker for anything that makes my life a little bit easier.
Including the activities on the lovely trip that we are still trying to recover from.
I opted for reserved seating instead of sitting amongst the general population.
I did this for several reasons, including the convenience of not having to drag around chairs, blankets and a cooler and more importantly to avoid having to sit amongst thousands of people who would make our lives miserable.
As our luck would have it lately, we have dealt with more rude people and people who love to do nothing but stare and make hateful comments (remember the little old lady? followed by two other awful experiences all within an hour of arriving), than we have dealt with people who are soft spoken and kind-hearted.
In an effort to minimize our encounters, reserved seating it was.
The idea itself was good enough and considering that both of my children love music, could I go wrong?
They had a good time while waiting for the show to begin. Somewhere around the 30 minute mark, the little Monkey hit meltdown in the middle of our reserved seating, in the midst of thousands of people.
That is when I resorted to my emergency stash of cash and told my husband to find the nearest vendor and hand over our life savings for two plastic light up swords that cost more than the last space shuttle launch.
Wonders beyond wonders it brought quiet to the little Monkey, made Julien happy and just about smashed in the heads of the fellow reservees sitting next to us.
To make the moment even more beautiful, the little Monkey could barely keep her balance while walking with the sword and... we almost had to make a trip to the local E.R. for a few thousand stitches to reattach my husbands head. All this before exiting right before the end of the show to avoid a horrendous traffic jam, only to find ourselves on I-20 with a screaming and hysterical Monkey, a befuddled pharmacist, one upset husband and my sweet baby boy who was beyond worry for his much so that when we stopped at the nearest gas station (after midnight), Julien was so upset he had to get out of the car and get some fresh air to keep from getting sick.
There are just no words to describe what the little Monkey goes through in the car.
My Pollyanna Attitude is on holiday.
I want so much just to make it all better and I'm at a loss.
Just like everyone else, we have our ups and downs and right now we are having an incredibly tough time.
Everything that is going on right now doesn't feel fixable, although I know that God will indeed provide the resolutions. I think the hardest part is that there are several different things that are out of my control to resolve and they are taking their toll on me.
Amongst a few personal items and the little Monkey and the car issue, mean Aunt Diane is back in the hospital. Mean Aunt Diana a.k.a. my Mother is now on day four of this hospital admit and we are still waiting on that lovely crystal ball to reveal the problem.
BUT, we all have our issues, ours is no different than those around us.
The only advantage I have is this little public diary that I get to write out my thoughts in an effort to magically make sense of it all.
I need sleep...which I won't get because the little Monkey is upstairs miserable because she is getting sick.
Cooties are grand.


jennohara said...

You guys are having a hard time lately! This is when I wish I was closer so I could give you a huge hug, and maybe swig a huge glass of wine!!!!