Monday, September 27, 2010


"Seriously Addie?!"
Is my new phrase for the ultimate level of frustration that I manage to achieve while listening to the crying Monkey in the car.
We had not even gotten out of the neighborhood when Monkey started crying.
I looked back at her with my hands held in the standard, questioning pose and asked her,
"Seriously Addie, are you seriously going to keep crying?"
She nodded and in the closest mimicking sound said, "seriously".
(insert Mommy screaming here)
Seriously, will it ever get any better?
We are on a serious deadline to help Monkey find a way past this...I am starting to think we are not going to meet the deadline.
(insert whining and imaginary, mascara running sobs here)


Granna said...

Any clue as to what the problem is? Could it be motion sickness? She is just a sweetheart and she makes my heart feel that the world is okay!