Thursday, September 09, 2010

An incredibly lazy afternoon

A few weeks back, we made our way to the bowling alley on a dreary, rainy afternoon.
It was one of those afternoons where we didn't really care about anything, especially how anyone bowled, what other people thought or any other important things that we should have been doing instead of sitting in a bowling alley.
It took Chunky Monkey a little bit to remember that she had to wait for her turn, but once she realized the order, her anxiety settled down and her excitement grew. It was a requirement that her Daddy hold her hand...after she fell and barely missed getting really, really hurt.
After each turn, she would spin around and start clapping and running to me.
She was so proud! Speaking of proud...Julien couldn't be more proud of the little Monkey and was more than willing to help her time after time.
While I reaped the rewards with lots of kisses from the little Monkey!