Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Gift From Our Friends at Children's ER Department

Thanks (again) to our friends at Children's ER Department for the board game!
Julien was more than happy to set everything up in hopes that the little Monkey would somewhat comprehend how to play.
It didn't quite work out that way, but Julien and I played and quizzed the little Monkey on her colors and had her help count as we moved the pieces around the board.
It was just the first time we played the game with her.
Over time, she will begin to pick up on the concept.
For now, she just enjoys helping us play!
Are all big brothers this willing to try so hard to teach their little sisters something new?
I don't remember my brothers teaching me how to play board games...I remember motorcycle wrecks, being spit on at the bus stop and being chased by the brother who I was absolutely certain had morphed into a Zombie...but I don't recall endless hours of counting and colors and reading books. Love those green eyes! fell apart as the game pieces were picked up and put back into the box.Look who came to the rescue.
He cannot stand to see her cry.
It breaks his heart and he has to get to her, to make it all better.


jennohara said...

He's so sweet. Addie is so lucky to have him taking care of her.

What sweet memories of your
brother(s) :)