Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I am still trying to mentally recover from this past weekend. I am just beyond upset over the situation with Addie and the car (click here if you need a refresher on the story) and all of my "free" time has been spent...researching - yet again - help her.
Oh...and we bought yet another new car seat.
Do I think it will help?
Nope, but I have to try everything...her comfort and our sanity is very important.
In the midst of my research for our situation and research for friends, I ran across an interesting statement.

People get real touchy when I say negative things, so instead of doing a screen print and showing you the website where I extracted this information, I decided to cut and paste the information in an effort to remove any identifiable features.

I will say that the website is a local church and I just so happened upon the information while researching something for a friend.
Oh...and don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing the church or the program below - it is WONDERFUL, I'm just focused on the info in blue.
For all you parents of special needs children, I hope you enjoy the information below as much as I did and I would love to know where the data for this statistic came from:

The ( ) Ministry is a community outreach for families of children with disabilities. The first Friday night of each month ( ) provides trained care for children with disabilities as well as their siblings. This allows parents an often much needed evening out.

Studies have shown that 85-90% of marriages end with divorce when the family includes a child with a disability. The task of caring for a child with a disability or terminal illness can cause extreme strain on a marriage.
Who the heck can afford a divorce or alimony or child support when they have a special needs child, much less two separate mortgages?
Sheesh...just send one spouse to live in the basement - it's called cohabitation.
That, my dear friends, is a "win-win" situation.


Julie said...

I'm amazed at the comments like that that we get all the time. Yes, raising a child with disabilities is difficult, but, it is also the most rewarding thing a family could ask for as well. To be able to see how much that little one accomplishes and how they shape their siblings... It's just another glimpse of how God continues to bless us.

jennohara said...

Crazy! I've heard that before, and find it SO hard to believe! I think it makes my marriage even stronger!

I hope the new car seat helps this time! :(

Hunter said...

OMG!!! That is just like the Doctor we seen in Childrens that told us to be strong, well DUH... and it will be hard to stay together. People honestly DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!! Please put our shoes on and walk a couple miles then say what you just said agian see if you still feel the same way!
I am so blessed to have Hunter and I would not want him any other way and like Jenn O. said it makes us stronger.
I hope you find a way to help little Addie with her car riding.