Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Thank You Mommy"

We are still making changes to the little Monkey's room, trying to get everything just the way it should be.

The very first thing we did after we moved her bed into her room was to put a safety gate on the doorway of her room.
The safety gate is just about the worst gate, but considering we checked out every store around town and found nothing that was suitable, we had to settle until I order the new gate.

The safety gate that is in her doorway right now has a piece on the bottom that we have to step over to get into and out of her room...which makes for a terrible tripping hazard for the little Monkey with terrible balance.
So for now, we are improvising in order to keep her safe.
The safety gate is a requirement because of Monkey's balance and her lack of depth perception and her inability to understand how she can get harmed.

Each night when Monkey wakes, she sits in her bed and lets me know that she is awake.
She either cries, every once in a while she will call for me or she will whine, anything to try to get my attention.
She knows where my bedroom is and is always looking for me.
For two nights now, I have received the most beautiful gift when I got Monkey from her room (sorry once again, Dr. Ferber).

When I opened the gate and walked over to Monkey, she held up her arms for me to pick her up.
I picked her up and each time, she put her head on my shoulder, gave me the biggest hug and said, "thank you", "thank you Mommy".

Oh God...I never knew how beautiful it could be to have those moments in my life.
I hold a miracle in my arms each and every day.
Thank you all for your continued prayers, support and love!


jennohara said...

What a sweet sweet girl you have, Jenn! What a blessing Addie is. I'm so proud of her every day!!

Anonymous said...

I have read many, many sweet things on here but I think this was the best and so heart warming...Thanks for sharing!

Cecilia (Aunt Cissy) said...

I am blessed to have you both in my life. God has blessed me with a wonderful family. What I am trying to say is that since 12/26/09 I have realized you never know when your last chance to say something is. I love you all Jennifer and even if I don't always come across that way. I don't know where I would be without your love and support.