Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's a Rx for that...

I hate lecturing. I really, really do.
At the end of the night of this occurrence, there was no lecture, only my first born telling me that he distinctly remembers me telling him not to play around in the house.
The story that follows is drastically downplayed from the actual events.
Julien had the little Monkey in the living room "playing", which amounted to screeches of alternating delight and anger as he no doubt was torturing her and she was trying her best to pay him back.
Next thing I heard was Julien yelling for me and telling me that he seriously needed me.
When I walked into the living room, I saw the little Monkey standing over Julien.
He was on the floor in severe pain.
After a quick assessment, I discovered the source of all the commotion.
Apparently, Julien somehow tripped and fell onto the PlayStation controller (that had no business being in the middle of my living room floor).
When he tripped, it happened so fast that he didn't have time to break his fall and he landed full force onto the controller - with his knee. At first glance, his knee looked incredibly bad - the picture below simply does not do the injury justice - his knee had already started to swell, was bleeding a good bit and there was a nice size half-moon crater .
Of course it was already so late in the evening that all the urgent care clinics were closed and there was no way I was taking him to the E.R. so that we could sit for hours on end in a room full of stomach virus infected children - nope, no way, not doing it.
I cleaned up the wound, gave him some pain meds and told him that we would check in with the doctor in the morning.
Being the Mother that I am, I don't panic in situations like this and sometimes I probably under react.
I was incredibly worried about his knee and checked on him throughout the night, having to change the bandages a few times because of the bleeding.
Thank goodness that we were able to get in to see Dr. Dudgeon, because I had this horrible feeling that if I didn't take Julien in soon enough that he would develop some sort of knee ailment that would plague him for the rest of his life all because I didn't rush him to the doctor the night before.
A thorough physical examination of the knee and three x-rays later, we got the all clear.
Thanks to my procrastination, it was too late to get stitches, so the hole in my sons knee will have to heal on its own.
While we were waiting on Dr. Dudgeon to come back into the room to give us the results, Julien made the funniest little joke.
He was so nervous that Dr. Dudgeon was going to tell him that he had wasted a perfectly good office visit on a knee that was perfectly fine.
Julien told me that Dr. Dudgeon would probably come back into the room with a prescription for:
"10 cc's of man-up"
That kid cracks me up.

The little Monkey is taking pity on Julien and giving his bandaged knee lots of kisses.

Each time Julien gets out of the shower, Monkey "runs" to find the first aid box and stands next to me handing me just one boo-boo band-aid and then holds the neosporin after I am finished with it.
She watches intently as I place the boo-boo band-aid on his knee and then she promptly leans over and kisses it all better.
So...I don't win any Mom of the Year Awards, but Julien is going to be all better soon and have a nice scar to show his children one day.


jennohara said...

Oh no! That looks like it hurt! Good thing you got Addie girl to make it all better with the band-aids and polysporin!