Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TMI - I don't think so...!

I recently heard about some research that was being done to determine if physicians tell their patients too much information.
From my experience, they absolutely do not give enough information.
So, when I got the call last night from my Mother telling me that they had finally found blood clots, I asked her what the treatment plan was.
Although, the treatment plan is usually pretty obvious, I was confused because the neurologist had been in earlier in the day and removed my Mother from the Heparin drip...because she didn't need it (insert screaming and banging of my head on the keyboard here).
I have very little information because we were not given very much information, but I am very hopeful that my Mother is now on the road to recovery.
I hope to have more information today (insert wishful thinking here).


Hunter said...

I will be keeping your mother in my prayers. I am thinking of you too, hope all is well with your family.
Samantha Isaacson