Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fungus Girl

Sometimes I think Fungus Girl picks up a cootie bug just so that she can get me to stay at home with her.
On day two, FG and her brother paid a nice visit to our favorite ENT.
Two copays, hearing tests, tympanograms, samples of prescriptions, written prescriptions and lots of oohhing and aahing later, FG, Julien and I were on the way back home.
In all of her misery, FG was more than content to sit inside the box and color for what seemed like hours.
Let me just say that I am beyond impressed at her little grasp on the crayon.
She tries so hard to color just like her friends.
Much attention to detail...all sides of the box get equal coloring time.


jennohara said...

Oh man, check out her perfect crayon grasp!! She's so sweet she even spoils every side of the box equally with colourful scribbles! :)

Kristyn said...

So cute! There's nothing like an empty box to keep any kid entertained!