Friday, September 24, 2010

Change Is Never Easy

For those of you who don't know me personally, I think it is only fair to preface this story with a little bit of insider knowledge.

I am an incredibly stubborn person and once I get an idea in my mind, it has to happen.

It doesn't matter how it happens or how long it takes to happen, but it has to happen.

When I was putting the little Monkey to bed a week or two back, she was having a tough time and in an effort to calm her, I was kneeling beside her bed and rubbing her hand through the slats on the bed (Dr. Ferber hates me).

She moved to get more comfortable, which put me out of her sight and so she sat up, which made me have to move in order to make eye contact with her.

For whatever reason, we both found humor in this, because we both started to laugh.

It was at that exact moment that I decided a change had to take place.

We have kept the little Monkey in her crib for many reasons, mainly because she felt safe and comfortable and we felt comfortable knowing she was safe while we slept.

With that being said, I knew that if I made the change to take the little Monkey's crib away, that it was going to require lots of modifications and it was not going to be easy...for any of us...and it wasn't...and it still isn't...but it is a work in progress...
that began with a little toddler bed that we bought from someone two years back for $5 because they wanted to get rid of it because their child had never slept in it (and for $5, we just didn't care that it didn't match her dresser - it would be temporary).
We brought it home, put it in the basement and put it out of mind.
Until I decided a change was necessary...
so we moved the crib to the other wall and made room for the temporary new big girl bed for Monkey.

She was very interested in all the activity and was very curious to know what her Daddy and Julien were doing bringing the big girl bed up the stairs.... and into her room....
Inhale...lots of changes on the way....


jennohara said...

Awe, I hope she (and you) like it!

jennohara said...

By the way...her little shirt made me laugh! Too cute

Anonymous said...

I just toke a class about writing a book about change for you kids. It would go like this.
Who is going to be getting a new bed? Monkey is thats who, you might like to sleep in it tonight or another night. something might be there to sleep with you blanket or doll, or teddy might like to be in your new bed with you.You might be able to get out of your bed to use the bathroom by your self. Sometimes when we get older we get a diffrent bed.
They said to use might and something words in it, add pictures, cut outs draw or print some. You could try in for her in her the car too. I know she doesnt like to ride in the car, so try a book for that too.
Sorry so long, I do daycare and i am going to give it a try for my kids.