Sunday, August 29, 2010

Check-up on the Monkey's little ears

We took Chunk back for a visit with the best ENT - ever.
Monkey's little ears have appeared to be working perfectly, but I felt the need to check back in with our ENT (and besides, I missed seeing everybody).
A picture of Monkey when she wasn't crying in the car...too bad it didn't last. Once we arrived and Monkey had her vitals checked and tympanogram completed, we headed to the exam room.
That is when I brought out my handy-dandy camera and bombarded Keitra with pictures. Keitra is one of those very rare nurses that are just beyond fabulous.
Heck - everybody in our ENT's office is fabulous! In addition to having a great sense of humor, Keitra knows who we are.
We are not just some random patient with a chart number who I have to explain situations to each and every time I call or we go in.
Keitra actually acts genuinely happy to see us when we come in and when I have to call her - she is always right on top of whatever the situation may be.
Now...if I could just clone her....

Then...there is the best ENT - ever.
Dr. Davis is just absolutely heaven-sent.
From the first time that I met him, he had me hooked.
Sweet Monkey was just four months old the first time we met him.
He treated us with respect and he didn't buy into the whole "Wait and See" game that we are forced to play.
He has been wonderful to us, has taken care of Monkey through three surgeries and Chris through one.
In addition to that, he is blessed with the most wonderful wife and children - ever.
He is just such a good person - although Monkey makes it appear otherwise. As much as I can't stand the thought of having his schedule become more crammed than it already is, it is only fair to tell you that if you are in need of a fabulous ENT, he is the man to call. I wouldn't trust any other ENT to care for our family.
Good thing he is young and won't be going anywhere!