Monday, July 28, 2008

Sock monkeys

I have always liked sock monkeys, but since I now have a little Chunkey Monkey, I am all about the sock monkeys!
I found Addie the cutest outfits that have sock monkeys all over them and I am on the hunt for other sock monkey baby items. I found a website that makes the most adorable sock monkey nap mats, but just couldn't bring myself to pay $100 for it (not that Addie doesn't deserve it, but that is almost double the cost of the froggy nap mat I bought for her). I have checked every frou-frou shop between Homewood and Trussville and cannot find any other items or nap mats with sock monkeys on it. So, if anyone knows of a shop selling the merchandise, please let me know! Otherwise, I'm sure I can con GaGa into buying Addie the sock monkey nap mat or better yet...Santa!