Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boo-boo band-aid and FTT

Chris and I took Addie in this afternoon for her Rubella vaccine and ended up seeing Dr. Dudgeon for a sick visit because of the cold Addie caught over the weekend.
Although she has a cold and a red, irritated throat (no fever), it is not contagious and there is nothing we can do about it. Dr. Dudgeon asked as soon as he came in the room what information we had this time to make his day (that's a lot of pressure). I told him about Addie learning yet another new word, but didn't have any other milestones to share. That's fine, next visit we will have something to really "wow" him.

We got all the paperwork in order for the testing Addie will have done while she is sedated for her MRI. I'm very relieved she will not be awake for this, because it is quite a bit.
The nurse came in to administer Addie's vaccine and as soon as Addie saw her, she started to whimper. I really, really like Dr. Dudgeon's nurse, Gay (for those of you who know the story from January, quit snickering and finish the rest of this story!); she is great about letting me hold Addie on my lap. Addie in turn is a lot calmer and less stressed during the administration.

I noticed on the check out sheet as we were leaving that there was a diagnosis that I don't remember seeing before (although Dr. Dudgeon assured me it was in her chart from previous visits) - "failure to thrive". OUCH! Gee whiz Doc, if you could just shove that knife a little bit further in and a little to the left, I think you might actually nick the aorta.
As we are standing in the doorway chatting, Addie reaches down and plucks her band-aid from her thigh, holds it and exams it quite thoroughly before having to hand it off. What a little sneaky Monkey!

Chunky Monkey is weighing in at 20 pounds 1 ounce.

Side bar - We had a scheduling conflict in August and had to move Addie's neurology appointment to later in the month. This means we will have to wait two and a half weeks longer for the results from her MRI! :(