Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not so cute and cuddly, boys.

Sometimes, I really hate how hard life can be for Addie. I'm going to keep this short or otherwise my emotions will get the best of me and I'll give too many details.

Today was Addie's last day at her current daycare. It was not planned. Addie has had to be in another classroom these last few days and my gut instinct told me that the situation was just not right. After a lunch meeting today, Chris and I stopped by to check on Addie because I had a really sick feeling. She was napping and seemed content. When I picked Addie up this afternoon, I discovered a few things that makes me sick to my stomach. To keep the story short, I had a long conversation with the district manager, the teacher that was watching Addie is no longer employed and I gathered all of Addie's belongings and we won't be going back.

For the people who think they could ever harm my family, especially one of my children - in any way, you had better think twice, I'm not so cute and cuddly. You will pay the price.

Addie cannot start at her new center until August 11th. I managed some quick brainstorming this afternoon and have come up with a schedule that will get us through the next few weeks.

I thank God that we have jobs that allow some flexibility. There is more to raising a special needs baby than can be handled outside of typical business hours. God continues to show us HIS path. It's a tough road sometimes, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!


Nicole said...

Sometimes Mama Bear just has to come out in all mothers.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking a stand in making sure that your children have the absolute best care in the world!

Apryl said...

Good Job Jenn. I had to get someone fired too. And then, after a second incident, leave the daycare I had been at for 5 years. We leave our children in daycares with the belief thay will be safe but sometimes the caregiver is just a piece of trash and could care less about the children they care for. But I promise you, today she is sitting on her couch without a job and thinking about what she should have done to take better care of Addie.